Welcome to Professional Web and Computer Services.

I can help you with over 30 years of experience in custom software and web applications.

Most small businesses and non profits such as churches cannot afford to hire their own IT staff. Those who go at it alone often use a lot of time learning how to do things such as creating a web page or setting up a custom application using an off the shelf solution such as Microsoft Access. This is time that could have been spent running the business and increase profits. Some businesses contract the work out to companies specializing in IT Services, but this can be costly depending on the size of the company and the amount of overhead.

The solution is to find a small IT consulting business or independent consultant. Independent consultants, such as myself, usually have full time jobs and take on small projects to do in our spare time. My work has mostly been donating my services to non-profits such as churches, but lately I have found there are a lot of needs in the area of small or sole proprietorship businesses.

How I Can Help

  • Assist in registering a domain name for your business
  • Help you find a hosting provider for the type of web site you need
  • Offer technical support for web sites
  • Assist you in setting up an Open Source CMS or web application
  • Create custom software or modules for your business application or web
  • For your PCs or hardware, I can:
    • Provide help in removing viruses or malware from your computers
    • Assist with hardware problems or get you in touch with an consultant for network and hardware support
    • Do a complete image of you hard drive.

  • Provide free information on this web site to help Do It Yourself -- Self Help section coming soon